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Dr. Susanne Dröge

Research group:

Global Issues Senior Fellow

Areas of Expertise


Focus on Climate Policy and International Trade, Carbon Flows, Border Carbon Adjustment, Emissions Trading and Carbon Taxes, Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Short Curriculum vitae

Since 2015 Senior Fellow

2009-2015 Head of Global Issues Research Division (rotating position)
Since 2006 Researcher at SWP
1999-2006 Research associate at the German Institute for Economic Research, (DIW Berlin), Department of Energy, Transportation, Environment 1996-1999 Researcher at Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Chair of Macroeconomics
Since 2020 Committee Member: Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut)
Since 2016 Member of the Executive Committee: Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag
Since 2011 Advisory Board Member: Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
2010-2020 Advisory Board Member: Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut)
2010-2012 Member of Science and Policy Advisory Board UNEP GEO-5
2008-2012 Project Leader for Climate Strategies

SWP Publications

External publications