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SWP Newsletter


Here you can subscribe to the SWP-Newsletter, which supplies information about new SWP publications. The German and English versions are not identical. Many SWP publications appear only in German, a small number only in English.

To start, please enter your name and e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to a confirmation page to enter your data.

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Language selection

Please first select the language of the publications you would like to be informed about. If you select "German", you will receive all German-language publications on your topics, as well as those SWP publications that appear exclusively in English, i.e. for which there is no German counterpart.

If you select "English", you will only receive English-language SWP publications on your topics.

Please select your language.

Choice of newsletter type

Here you can choose between the general (= cross-thematic) and thematic newsletters.

The general SWP newsletter informs you about once a week about all new publications in the language you have chosen - regardless of the topic of the publications - as well as about selected media contributions, scholarly publications, current job offers and other news from the SWP.

If you only want to be informed about new publications on a specific topic, please select the option "thematic newsletter".

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