• TAPIR Call for Applications

    In the Transatlantic Post-Doc Fellowship for International Relations and Security (TAPIR), fellows spend a total of 24 months in three different think tanks in order to build skills in policy-oriented research. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. and have a strong interest in working in a policy-oriented international environment. The Call for Applications ends on Thursday, February 1, 2018. more

  • Prioritise Greenhouse Gas Neutrality

    EU and German Climate Policy Should Be More Ambitious and More Pragmatic

    Two years after the climate summit in Paris, the euphoria over the diplomatic break-through and adoption of new targets – holding the temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius, preferably even to 1.5 degrees – has largely evaporated. There has… more

  • The EU’s Revised Cybersecurity Strategy

    Half-Hearted Progress on Far-Reaching Challenges

    In September 2017 the EU updated its 2013 Cyber Security Strategy. The new version is intended to improve the protection of Europe’s critical infrastructure and boost the EU’s digital self-assertiveness towards other regions of the world. But the reformed… more

  • The River Congo – Africa’s Sleeping Giant

    Regional Integration and Intersectoral Conflicts in the Congo Basin

    Making greater of use of the waters of the Congo could boost development across – and beyond – the region, but threatens to favour particular users’ interests at the expense of others. Within its enormous catchment area, the Congo is the dominant… more

  • Denis Chukanov, Petra Opitz, Maria Pastukhova, Gianguido Piani, Kirsten Westphal

    Renewable Energy and Decentralized Power Generation in Russia

    An Opportunity for German-Russian Energy Cooperation

    Renewable and decentralized power generation are a centerpiece of Germany’s domestic energy transition (Energiewende) and a major element of its international efforts to promote this goal. Recently, the renewables sector has also been advancing in Russia,… more

  • Movement on the Silk Road

    China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative as an Incentive for Intergovernmental Cooperation and Reforms at Central Asia’s Borders

    The aim of China’s Silk Road Initiative is to bolster both its international legitimacy and its geopolitical power. One important element of the initiative is the plan to transport export goods by high-speed train to Western Europe. In order to ensure… more

Analytical and academic papers

Oliver Geden

Prioritise Greenhouse Gas Neutrality

SWP Comments 2017/C 48, November 2017, 4 Pages
Tobias von Lossow

The River Congo – Africa’s Sleeping Giant

SWP Comments 2017/C 46, November 2017, 7 Pages
Sebastian Schiek

Movement on the Silk Road

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 12, November 2017, 33 Pages
Annegret Bendiek

EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 11, October 2017, 30 Pages


3D Green Planet Earth, © Chris Potter, www.StockMonkeys.com, CC BY 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Sustainability, Climate and Energy

The new dossier deals with developments in the field of sustainability, climate and energy. It displays publications and other products by SWP researchers that track international and European policy processes, and discuss recommendations for action.

Last Update 30.10.2017
A participant at the 2014 ambassadors’ conference points his smartphone camera at Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. © dpa

“Digitalisation – Cyber – Internet”: The Role of the Digital in International Politics

Digital Foreign Policy, Cyber-Security, Politics & Society, Law / Human Rights. The dossier seeks to offer orientation in this complex field and offers compilations of relevant publications by SWP authors in the respective fields.

Last Update 17.07.2017
Ukrainischer Soldat an einem Checkpoint nahe Debalzewe, Region Donezk, Ukraine, 19.02.2015; Quelle: dpa-picturealliance

Crisis in and around Ukraine

New dossier: Internal and external developments in Ukraine and Russia; repercussions of crisis in the region and for European and international security.

Last Update 16.05.2017