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Netiquette at SWP

Welcome to our social media community, where we keep you updated on our research. In the interests of constructive discussion, please observe our netiquette guidance. We reserve the right to hide, delete and report offending posts and comments.

  1. Respect

    We welcome constructive criticism. Feel free to comment on our posts. Please make sure the tone remains polite and respectful. We do not tolerate insults, threats, ad hominem attacks or discrimination of any kind. We will report legally relevant violations to the police.

  2. Relevance

    Please ensure that your comments are relevant to the post. Irrelevant comments will be hidden or deleted.

  3. Copyright

    Indicate your sources. You may require permission to reproduce text and images found on the internet. Make sure you observe copyright on text and images, as well as privacy laws. Verify your own sources and help to prevent the dissemination of falsehoods.