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Dr. Kirsten Westphal

Research Division:

Global Issues Senior Associate (on leave of absence)

Research Division:

Research Cluster Climate Policy and Politics (on leave of absence)

Areas of Expertise


Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation, Global Energy Issues and Security, International Energy-Governance, Energy and Connectivity,  EU Foreign Energy Relations, Energy Developments in the Neighbourhood (Eastern Europe/Eurasia, the Mediterranean and the MENA region.

Short Curriculum vitae

Since March 2023, Member of the Executive Board, BDEW German Association of Energy and Water Industries

2022 Executive Director H2Global Stiftung - Head of Research & Analysis

Since 2008 Research Associate in SWP’s “Global Issues” division

2021-2022 Head of the project "Geopolitics of Energy Transformation - H2"

Since 2021 Member of the Scientific Advisory and Project Board of 50hertz

Since 2020 Member of the National Hydrogen Council

2018 - 2019 Member of the Expert Council of the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transition (2018/2019)

SWP Publications

External publications


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