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Dr. Jacopo Maria Pepe

Areas of Expertise


Global and regional Connectivity, Transport, Logistics, Energy Policy, Value and Supply chains, Trade in Eurasia (including Eastern Europe and China), Regional cooperation and alliances (EAEU, BRI), Eastern Partnership, Global Governance/International Order, Russia, China, Kasachstan, Usbekistan, Eastern Europe


Short Curriculum vitae

Since 2019 Research Associate in the Projekt »Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation«

2018-2019 Research Fellow and Projectmanager, German Council on Foreign Relations, Robert Bosch Center for Middle-Eastern, Europe, Russia, Central Asia

2016-2017 Adjunct Professor, Associate Faculty Member, Edwin O Reischauer Center for Asian and East-Asian Studies, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC.

2012-2013 Lecturer, Moscow University of Railway Engineering-Chair Geopolitics and Economy of Transport and Energy Systems

2011-2015 Research Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin Centre for Caspian Energy and Environmental Studies

SWP Publications