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Dr. Kirsten Westphal

Research Division:

Global Issues Senior Associate (on leave of absence)

Research Cluster Climate Policy and Politics (on leave of absence)

Areas of Expertise


Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation, Global Energy Issues and Security, International Energy-Governance, Energy and Connectivity,  EU Foreign Energy Relations, Energy Developments in the Neighbourhood (Eastern Europe/Eurasia, the Mediterranean and the MENA region.

Short Curriculum vitae

Since March 2023, Member of the Executive Board, BDEW German Association of Energy and Water Industries

2022 Executive Director H2Global Stiftung - Head of Research & Analysis

Since 2008 Research Associate in SWP’s “Global Issues” division

2021-2022 Head of the project "Geopolitics of Energy Transformation - H2"

2021-2023 Member of the Scientific Advisory and Project Board of 50hertz

Since 2020 Member of the National Hydrogen Council

2018-2019 Member of the Expert Council of the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transition (2018/2019)

SWP Publications

External publications


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