SWP Publications (selection):

Peter Becker

The Right Moment to Reform the EU Budget

SWP Comment 2017/C 08, March 2017, 7 Pages
Peter Becker

The EU Budget’s Mid-term Review

With Its Promising Reform Proposals, the Commission Lays the Groundwork for the Next, Post-2020 Budget

SWP Comment 2016/C 48, November 2016, 8 Pages
Peter Becker

Lost in Stagnation

The EU’s Next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014–2020) and the Power of the Status Quo

SWP Research Paper 2012/RP 14, October 2012, 22 Pages
Peter Becker, Andreas Maurer

German Brakes on Integration

Consequences and Dangers of the Federal Constitutional Court Judgment for Germany and the EU

SWP Comment 2009/C 15, August 2009, 8 Pages
Peter Becker

The Modernization of European Cohesion Policy

SWP Research Paper 2009/RP 07, May 2009, 34 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Peter Becker

Solidarité et conditionalité: deux principles directeurs de la politique européene de cohesion

in: Revue Française de Finances Publiques, No. 141, Février 2018, p. 67-80.
Peter Becker

The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Unity of EU budget

In-Depth Analysis on the request of the Committee on Budgets of the European Parliament, November 2017

in: europarl.europa.eu, November 2017
Peter Becker

Reforming the European Multiannual Financial Framework – Looking for a Policy Window in a Path-dependent Environment

in: Stefan Becker, Michael W. Bauer Alfredo de Feo (eds.): The New Politics of the European Union Budget, Nomos, Baden- Baden 2017, pp. 103-132
Peter Becker

The European Budget and the Principles of Solidarity and Added Value

in: The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs, 19.04.2012 (online)

SWP Comments

Nicolai von Ondarza
Dancing on the Brexit Cliff Edge

The Key to the Exit Negotiations Lies in British Domestic Policy

Salim Çevik
The Future of Opposition in Turkey

Overcoming Identity Politics Is the Key for Success

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