SWP Publications (selection):

Peter Becker

The Right Moment to Reform the EU Budget

SWP Comment 2017/C 08, March 2017, 7 Pages
Peter Becker

The EU Budget’s Mid-term Review

With Its Promising Reform Proposals, the Commission Lays the Groundwork for the Next, Post-2020 Budget

SWP Comment 2016/C 48, November 2016, 8 Pages
Peter Becker

Lost in Stagnation

The EU’s Next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014–2020) and the Power of the Status Quo

SWP Research Paper 2012/RP 14, October 2012, 22 Pages
Peter Becker, Andreas Maurer

German Brakes on Integration

Consequences and Dangers of the Federal Constitutional Court Judgment for Germany and the EU

SWP Comment 2009/C 15, August 2009, 8 Pages
Peter Becker

The Modernization of European Cohesion Policy

SWP Research Paper 2009/RP 07, May 2009, 34 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Peter Becker

The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Unity of EU budget

In-Depth Analysis on the request of the Committee on Budgets of the European Parliament, November 2017

in: europarl.europa.eu, November 2017
Peter Becker

Reforming the European Multiannual Financial Framework – Looking for a Policy Window in a Path-dependent Environment

in: Stefan Becker, Michael W. Bauer Alfredo de Feo (eds.): The New Politics of the European Union Budget, Nomos, Baden- Baden 2017, pp. 103-132
Peter Becker

Reinforced Economic Policy Coordination as Crisis Prevention in the Eurozone

in: The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, no 3/2014, Warsaw, December 2014
Peter Becker

The European Budget and the Principles of Solidarity and Added Value

in: The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs, 19.04.2012 (online)