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Dr. phil. Ronja Kempin

Research group:

EU/Europe Senior Fellow

ronja.kempin@swp-berlin.org +49 30 88007-223

Short Curriculum vitae

2016 Lecturer at Free University Berlin and Bucerius Law School in Hamburg

2014 Political Advisor, Common Security and Defence Policy Division, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

2010 - 2014 Head of Research Division EU External Relations, SWP

2009 - 2010 Fritz Thyssen Fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

2001 - 2002 Research Fellow at the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI) and the Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) in Paris

1999 - 2000 Research Fellow at the German Bundestag and the party executive of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), International Affairs, Berlin

SWP - Publications

External publications


Markus Kaim, Ronja Kempin
A "Hamiltonian Moment" for European Defense?
in: The National Interest, 21. August 2020

Ronja Kempin, Barbara Kunz
France, Germany, and the quest for European strategic autonomy
Franco-German defence cooperation in a new era
Notes du Cerfa, n°141, Ifri, December 2017


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