Dr. Melanie Müller

Dr. Melanie Müller

Research Division: Africa and Middle East
Senior Associate


Twitter: @fraumueller_swp

Since July 2020: Head of Project Transnational Governance of Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains

Since January 2017: Researcher in the Research Division Middle East and Africa

2015 – 2016: Research Fellow, Free University of Berlin

2011 – 2016: PhD student, Free University of Berlin

2011 – 2016: Political analyst/freelancer, focus: resource governance and international environmental governance

Areas of Expertise:

Southern Africa, Civil wars, Human rights, Migration

South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, political transformations in Southern Africa, resource governance and responsibility in the supply chain, GIBSA

SWP Publications (selection):

Günther Maihold, Melanie Müller, Christina Saulich, Svenja Schöneich

Responsibility in Supply Chains

Germany’s Due Diligence Act Is a Good Start

SWP Comment 2021/C 21, March 2021, 7 Pages


Melanie Müller, Judith Vorrath

Mozambique Still At Risk

Despite the Peace Process, A Serious Crisis Looms

SWP Comment 2019/C 36, September 2019, 8 Pages


Melanie Müller, Laura Kotzur

Sense of Frustration

The Debate on Land Reform in South Africa

SWP Comment 2019/C 22, April 2019, 8 Pages


Melanie Müller

Migration Conflict in Niger: President Issoufou Dares, the North Loses

in: Anne Koch, Annette Weber, Isabelle Werenfels (eds.)
Profiteers of Migration?

Contributions to Research Papers 2018/RP 04, July 2018, 74 Pages, S. 34-43

Melanie Müller

Competition for the ANC

Dominant Party Losing Youth and Poorer Sections of South African Population

SWP Comment 2017/C 18, May 2017, 7 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Melanie Müller

Adapting environmental and climate justice to local political struggles in South Africa

in: Sabrina Zajak & Sebastian Haunss (eds.), "Social Stratification and Social Movements Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on an Ambivalent Relationship", London/New York: Routledge, February 2020, S. 109-125.
Melanie Müller, Armin Paasch

When only the coal counts

German co-responsibility for human rights in the South African coal sector

Johannesburg: ActionAid South Africa, 2016
Melanie Müller, Heike Walk

Democratizing the climate negotiations system through improved opportunities for participation

in: Matthias Dietz, Heiko Garrelts (ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Climate Change Movement, Abingdon 2014, pp. 31-43

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Bernice McLean, Melanie Müller

Shaping sustainable supply chains

Supply Chain Disruptions and African-European Relations

in: sustainablesupplychains.org, 10.03.2021 (online)
Melanie Müller

Crisis-proofing Supply Chains: “It’s about Human Rights Too”

The pandemic has exposed the magnitude of global dependency on supply relationships. Melanie Müller discusses with Candida Splett how the resilience of supply chains can be improved. Human rights are an important aspect.

Point of View, 03.02.2021
Melanie Müller, Richard Calland

How South Africa and Germany can help the world

in: Mail & Guardian, 30.01.2020 (online)
David Kipp, Melanie Müller

EU Migration Policy Bears No Relation to Reality

The EU is operating in crisis mode as regards migration policy, focusing above all on containment – wrongly, as David Kipp and Melanie Müller argue. They identify four factors that should be involved in a factual debate about sustainable migration policy.

Point of View, 28.11.2018

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