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Dr. Wolfram Lacher

Research Division:

Africa and Middle East Senior Associate

Megatrends Afrika Project Director

Areas of Expertise

Short Curriculum vitae

since 2022 Project Director of Megatrends Afrika

2018 PhD, Political Science, Humboldt University, Berlin

since 2010 at SWP

2007-2010 North Africa Analyst, Control Risks, London

2006 MSc, Violence, Conflict & Development, SOAS, London

2001-2005 Political Science, Arabic and African Studies in Leipzig, Paris and Cairo

SWP Publications

Publications of the Megatrends Afrika project

External publications

Book reviews

Selected reviews of:

Wolfram Lacher
Libya’s Fragmentation
Structure and Process in Violent Conflict
I.B. Tauris, London 2020, 304 S., ISBN 978-0-755-60081-6

»Lacher makes a significant contribution to scholarship on contemporary events in Libya and to conflict studies more broadly.« – Tim Eaton, in: The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Summer 2020, Libya’s Fragmentation: Novel ways to understand why the Libyan revolution occurred and moves toward its resolution – Book Reviews – The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

»An indispensable work for anyone interested in Libya and North Africa, as well as in armed conflicts more generally« – Judith Scheele, in: Politique Africaine 160 (2020), Libya’s Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict – Revues des Livres – Polaf n° 160

»A remarkable combination of fieldwork and theory, Libya’s Fragmentation is highly recommended for diplomats, journalists, and scholars.« – Ronald Bruce St John, in: The Middle East Journal, Autumn 2020, Libya’s Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict by Wolfram Lacher – Review – The Middle East Journal


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