Dr. Denis M. Tull

Dr. Denis M. Tull

Research Division: Middle East and Africa


2017-2018 On leave

2011-2015 Head of the research project »Local Arenas of Power Sharing«, sponsored by the DFG

2001-2003 Research Fellow at the Institute for African Affairs, Hamburg

SWP Publications (selection):

Denis M. Tull

Mali, the G5 and Security Sector Assistance

Political Obstacles to Effective Cooperation

SWP Comment 2017/C 52, December 2017, 4 Pages
Denis M. Tull

United Nations Peacekeeping and the Use of Force

The Intervention Brigade in Congo Is No Model for Success

SWP Comment 2016/C 20, April 2016, 4 Pages
Denis M. Tull

South Africa

in: Hanns Günther Hilpert, Stormy-Annika Mildner (eds.)
Fragmentation or Cooperation in Global Resource Governance?

A Comparative Analysis of the Raw Materials Strategies of the G20

Contributions to Research Papers 2013/RP 01, March 2013, 204 Pages, S. 125-130

External Publications (selection):

Denis M. Tull

Comment - UN Peacekeeping in The Democratic Repbulic of the Congo. The Travails of Civil Protection

In: Heike Krieger (ed.), Inducing Compliance with International Humanitarian Law Lessons from the Africa Great Lakes Region, Cambridge: CUP, 2015, pp. 399-413
Denis M. Tull

When They Overstay Their Welcome: UN Peacekeepers in Africa

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping, Vol. 17 (2013), no. 3-4, pp. 179-200

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