Portraitfoto Bettina Rudloff (rff)

Dr. agr. Bettina Rudloff

Research Division: EU/Europe
Senior Associate


Since 2019 member of the strategical advisory board of the special initiative “”One World, no Hunger” at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

2009 -2011 SWP Work Package Leader "Defining an interest: the European Union and the High North" in the GeoNor Project of the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo, Norway

since 2008 Senior Associate at the SWP

2003-2007 Assistant professor at the institute for food and resource economics, University of Bonn

since 2006 Member of the coordination team for the network of technology assessment (NTA)

2001-2003 Lecturer for agricultural, trade and development policy at the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA), Maastricht, Netherlands

1998-2001 Researcher at the Institute for Agricultural Policy, University of Bonn

1997 Researcher at the Institute for Research on European Integration (IEIF)

SWP Publications (selection):

Bettina Rudloff, Evita Schmieg

Brexit: A Pragmatic Trade Agreement?

Time Is Tight But Deal Remains Possible

SWP Comment 2020/C 18, April 2020, 8 Pages


Bettina Rudloff

A Stable Countryside for a Stable Country?

The Effects of a DCFTA with the EU on Tunisian Agriculture

SWP Research Paper 2020/RP 02, January 2020, 40 Pages


Bettina Rudloff, Isabelle Werenfels

EU-Tunisia DCFTA: Good Intentions Not Enough

Shift Needed from Deep to Deliberate, Comprehensive to Coherent and from Free to Fair Trade

SWP Comment 2018/C 49, November 2018, 8 Pages
Bettina Rudloff

Yes, He Can: Trump Provokes a Trade War

A Clever EU Will Refrain from Further Tariffs but Hold Firm on WTO Rules

SWP Comment 2018/C 29, July 2018, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Bettina Rudloff

Trade rules and food security

Scope for domestic support and food stocks

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), September 2015
Jean-Christoph Bureau, Hayley Chouinard, Alexandre Gohin, Thomas Heckelei, Bernard O'Connor, Bettina Rudloff, Christine Wieck, Heinz-Peter Witzke

The US Farm Bill 2008 and Comparison with the EU CAP after Health Check

Study for the European Parliament Brussels 2009, 153 p.
Christian Götz, Bettina Rudloff

What Makes Countries Initiate WTO Disputes on Food-related Matters?

Paper accepted for the Annual Meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association 2007
Bettina Rudloff, Christine Wieck

The Bioterrorism Act of the USA and International Food Trade

Evaluatiing WTO Conformity and Effects on Bilaterals Imports

in: Agrarwirtschaft, vol. 56 (2007), no. 3, pp. 147-161
Bettina Rudloff

New Budget Priorities for the Common Agricultural Policy

Frankfurt am Main: Deutsche Bank Research, 2006 (EU Monitor, 40)

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Julia Horovetska, Bettina Rudloff, Susan Stewart

Agriculture in Ukraine: Economic and Political Frameworks

Working Paper Research Division Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2017/Nr. 01 and Research Division EU/Europe 2017/Nr. 4, December 2017, 56 pages
Bettina Rudloff, Moritz Laurer

The EU as global trade and investment actor – The times they are a-changin’

Working Paper RD EU/Europe, 2017/ 01, January 2017, 32 pages
Andreas Raspotnik, Bettina Rudloff

The EU as a shipping actor in the Arctic

Characteristics, interests and prospectives

Working Paper FG 2, 2012/Nr. 04, December 2012, 46 Pages
Arno Engel, Lisa Oberländer, Bettina Rudloff

Contingency planning for food crises

A puzzle of existing approaches

Working Paper FG 2, 2012/Nr. 3, November 2012, 23 Pages
Bettina Rudloff

The EU as fishing actor in the Arctic

Stocktaking of institutional involvement and existing conflicts

Working Paper FG 2, 2010/Nr. 2, July 2010, 58 Pages

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Bettina Rudloff, Annette Weber

Actual Analysis: The locusts came with the crises

Corona exacerbates existing crises through conflict, climate, hunger and locusts in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. To face these challenges, all of these crises need to be captured in their regional context.

in: WeltohneHunger.org, 27.05.2020
Bettina Rudloff, Annette Weber

Cascading of crises in East Africa

The Corona crisis joins a multitude of existing crises in East Africa. If the responses to the various challenges are not carefully coordinated, there is a blatant risk that hunger will spread in the region. An analysis by Bettina Rudloff and Annette Weber.

Point of View, 29.05.2020
Nicolai von Ondarza, Bettina Rudloff, Paweł Tokarski

Corona Crisis: Italy Needs European Solidarity – Now

The corona virus is spreading around Europe at an alarming rate. Italy is currently the country worst affected. Nicolai von Ondarza, Bettina Rudloff and Pawel Tokarski argue that the states of Europe can and must stand together.

Point of View, 13.03.2020


Bettina Rudloff, Isabelle Werenfels
EU-Tunisia DCFTA: Good Intentions Not Enough
SWP Comment 2018/C 49, November 2018

SWP Comments

Peter Becker
The EU Budget As an Opportunity in the Crisis

The EU Commission Proposal for a New Financial Framework and a Reconstruction Fund

Eckhard Lübkemeier, Nicolai von Ondarza
A Corona Presidency in the Coronavirus Crisis?

The Dual Task of the German Presidency: Containing the Crisis and Giving a Lasting Impetus to European Solidarity and Autonomy

SWP Research Papers

Oliver Geden, Felix Schenuit
Unconventional Mitigation

Carbon Dioxide Removal as a New Approach in EU Climate Policy

Evita Schmieg
Connections between Trade Policy and Migration

A Sphere of Action for the EU