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  • The Militarization of Turkish Foreign Policy

    A visual platform of SWP’s Centre for Applied Turkey Studies provides an overview of Turkey’s capabilities and instruments as well as how these are deployed by Turkish policy-makers.

  • EU-Russia Relations

    Relations between the EU and Russia have deteriorated. Contributing factors include the annexation of Crimea, the Navalny poisoning, repression against civil society actors and military exercises on the border to Ukraine. What objectives is Moscow pursing? And how can the EU respond to Russian confrontation?

  • Multilateralism in Crisis

    Germany sees multilateralism as the path of choice for tackling global challenges and addressing regional and international conflicts. But in recent years the United States, China and Russia have adopted unilateralist stances on key issues, blocking institutions and withdrawing from international agreements. Does multilateralism have a future? Do effective alternatives exist – or what is required to revive it?

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  • Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik

    The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) advises the German Bundestag and the German government as well as international organisations on questions concerning foreign and security policy.