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International Climate Policy and Multilevel Governance in a New Geopolitical Constellation

The energy transition is a necessary condition along Germany’s path to climate neutrality by 2045. The associated structural shifts challenge not only national and European institutions but include fundamental foreign policy implications: On the one hand, international organizations, initiatives and cooperation must contribute to the global climate goals. On the other, geopolitical shifts change the very context - and thereby likelihood of success - for the German and European energy transition. In order to intelligently navigate and actively shape the international dimensions of the energy transition, Germany needs a strategic international climate policy. Such a policy must bring together traditional climate diplomacy with development cooperation and bilateral partnerships.

The research project accompanies the German government’s “climate foreign policy” strategy from its inception to its implementation: How does the cooperation of respective ministries work in practice? What are innovative partnership models that can help developing countries and emerging economies transitioning towards net-zero emissions? How can international climate policy react more swiftly to geopolitical shocks and crises? In addition, the project will design a conceptual framework that systematizes and evaluates the multitude of governance challenges that arise from the multilevel system.

SWP’s research is embedded into the second phase of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s Kopernikus-project Ariadne: The Future of Our Energy. Since 2020, Ariadne has been offering decision-makers evidence-based advice to successfully design the energy transition. Research includes scenarios for climate neutrality, distributional issues, energy- and electricity market design, and the decarbonization of the transport, building and industrial sectors. Ariadne connects scientific analysis with political advice and civic participation.

Duration: 2023–2026

The Kopernikus-project Ariadne is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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