Dr. Peter Lintl

Research Division: Middle East and Africa


Head of the project »Israel and its regional and global conflicts: Domestic developments, security issues and foreign affairs«

2012-2016 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Politics and Society of the Middle East at the Institute of Political Science/University Erlangen-Nuremberg

2009-2010 Research Stay at the University of Tel Aviv

2009-2012 PhD Scholarship awarded by the Gerda-Henkel-Foundation

2001-2008 Political Science, History and Philosophy, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, University of Haifa

Areas of Expertise:

Israel, Middle East conflict, Political systems

Israeli Domestic Politics, Political Orthodoxy, State and Religion

SWP Publications (selection):

Peter Lintl, Stefan Wolfrum

Israel’s Nation-State Law

Netanyahu Government Lays the Foundations for a Majoritarian System

SWP Comment 2018/C 41, October 2018, 7 Pages
Peter Lintl (ed.)

Actors in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Interests, Narratives and the Reciprocal Effects of the Occupation

SWP Research Paper 2018/RP 03, June 2018, 59 Pages
Peter Lintl

Repercussions of the Unresolved Conflict on Israeli Power Constellations and Actor Perspectives

in: Peter Lintl (ed.)
Actors in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Interests, Narratives and the Reciprocal Effects of the Occupation

Contributions to Research Papers 2018/RP 03, June 2018, 59 Pages, S. 7-20

Peter Lintl

The Dynamics of a Right-wing Coalition

How the Failure of the Peace Processes Encourages Domestic Populism in Israel

SWP Comment 2016/C 45, October 2016, 8 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Peter Lintl

Israel on its Way to a Majoritarian System? The Current Government´s Fight against principles of Liberal Democracy, the “Constitutional Revolution” and the Supreme Court

in: Israeli European Policy Network: Challenges to/from the International (Legal) Order: Israeli and European Perspectives", Berlin, May 23, 2018.
Peter Lintl

Understanding coalition formation in Israel

Party positions and cleavages in light of the 2015 elections

in: Orient. German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East, 56/3, 2015, pp. 27-35

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Kersten Knipp

Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu set to meet amid tensions

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to Germany comes at a politically turbulent time. Israel expert Peter Lintl sums up the divide between Europe and Israel: "Europeans have a hard time understanding Israelis."

in: dw.com, 04.06.2018 (online)
Allison Williams

Policy Divide: Berlin condemns Trump’s Jerusalem decision

German leaders called the United States’ move in the Middle East incendiary and are not likely to follow suit. But Trump’s decision may have a bigger impact on US-German ties than on Berlin’s relationship with Israel.

in: Handelsblatt.com, 12.07.2017 (online)

SWP Comments

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SWP Research Papers

Muriel Asseburg, Wolfram Lacher, Mareike Transfeld
Mission Impossible?

UN Mediation in Libya, Syria and Yemen

Lars Brozus (ed.)
While We Were Planning

Unexpected Developments in International Politics. Foresight Contributions 2018