PD Dr. habil. Markus Kaim

PD Dr. habil. Markus Kaim

Research Division: International Security
Senior Fellow


phone:+49 30 88007-294

Adjunct Professor at the Department for Political Science, University of Zurich; Guest Instructor at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

09/2007 - 06/2008 DAAD Professor for German and European Studies, University of Toronto

04/2007 - 08/2007 Acting Professor for International Relations, University of Konstanz

05/2005 – 07/2005 Visiting Fellow, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.

05/1998 - 09/2005 Assistant Professor, Department for Political Science, University of Jena

Areas of Expertise:

Afghanistan, Canada, Crisis management, Euro-Atlantic security, German defence and security policy, Military operations abroad, Nato, Transatlantic relations, UN missions

German Defense and Security Policy, Transatlantic Security Relationship – NATO, Defense and Security Policy of selected NATO partners, The United Nations and Conflict Resolution. His current focus lies on the political parameters of multinational military operations (Research Study).

SWP Publications (selection):

Markus Kaim, Lena Strauß

More German ‘Blue Helmets’

Four Reasons the Federal Republic of Germany Should Show Greater Commitment to UN Peacekeeping

SWP Comment 2017/C 29, July 2017, 4 Pages
Markus Kaim

Reforming NATO’s Partnerships

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 01, January 2017, 23 Pages
Markus Kaim, Oliver Tamminga

Russia’s Military Intervention in Syria

Its Operation Plan, Objectives, and Consequences for the West’s Policies

SWP Comment 2015/C 48, November 2015, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Rayk Hähnlein, Markus Kaim, Günter Seufert

What if Turkey left NATO?

In: Magdalena Kirchner (ed.), Hub or Spoke? NATO’s Role in Allied Projecting Stability Efforts on the Southern Flank, IPC – Istanbul Policy Center, pp. 24-26, July 2018
Markus Kaim (ed.)

Great Powers and Regional Orders

The United States and the Persian Gulf

Aldershot 2008
Markus Kaim, Ursula Lehmkuhl (eds.)

In Search of a New Relationship

Canada, Germany, and the United States

Wiesbaden: Berliner Schriften zur Internationalen Politik, 2005
Markus Kaim

Redefining the North Atlantic Triangle

Canada's Role in the European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP)

in: Kaim, Markus; Lehmkuhl, Ursula (eds.) In Search of a New Relationship Canada, Germany, and the United States Wiesbaden 2005, pp. 99 - 112
Helmut Hubel, Markus Kaim (eds.)

Conflicts in the Greater Middle East and the Transatlantic Relationship

Baden-Baden: Nomos 2004

SWP Comments

Claudia Major, Nicolai von Ondarza
No “Global Britain” after Brexit

Leaving the EU Weakens UK Foreign and Security Policy, Closer Ties Remain in Germany’s Interest

Marcel Dickow, Daniel Jacob
The Global Debate on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Need for International Regulation and Opportunities for German Foreign Policy

SWP Research Papers

Oliver Meier
Non-Proliferation in Areas of Limited Statehood

The Contribution of International Regimes to Controlling Mass Destruction Capacities in War and Crisis Zones

Markus Kaim
Reforming NATO’s Partnerships