Dr. Johannes Thimm

Dr. Johannes Thimm

Research Division: The Americas
Senior Fellow

Currently on leave until the end of 2019

2013-2017 Deputy Head of Research Division "The Americas" (2014-2015 Head of Research Division "The Americas" a.i.), SWP, Berlin

Since 2009 Researcher, Research Division "The Americas", SWP, Berlin

2009 Ph.D. Freie Universität Berlin (Dr. rer. pol.)

2007-2008 Fox International Fellow, MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University, New Haven

2000-2001 Fulbright Fellow, Political Science Department, University of Washington, Seattle

Areas of Expertise:

United States, Transatlantic relations, United Nations

Domestic politics and its impact on U.S. foreign policy, U.S. foreign policy towards international organizations, the U.S. and international law

SWP Publications (selection):

Lauren Schwartz, Johannes Thimm

Some American Voters Are More Equal

Election Law As an Arena of Partisan Strategy

SWP Comment 2017/C 38, October 2017, 4 Pages
Lars Brozus, Johannes Thimm

Mississippi Blues: National Crisis in the United States

in: Lars Brozus (ed.)
Unexpected, Unforeseen, Unplanned

Scenarios of International Foreign and Security Policy. Foresight Contributions 2015

Contributions to Research Papers 2016/RP 01, January 2016, 56 Pages, S. 11-16

Johannes Thimm

Inseparable, but Not Equal

Assessing U.S.–EU Relations in the Wake of the NSA Surveillance Affair

SWP Comment 2014/C 04, January 2014, 4 Pages
Johannes Thimm

The United States and the Arab Spring: The End of the Post 9/11 Paradigm

in: Muriel Asseburg (ed.)
Protest, Revolt and Regime Change in the Arab World

Actors, Challenges, Implications and Policy Options

Contributions to Research Papers 2012/RP 06, February 2012, 71 Pages, S. 51-53

Johannes Thimm

The Detainee Dilemma

The U.S. Debate about the Release of Prisoners from Guantanamo Bay

SWP Comment 2009/C 12, July 2009, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Johannes Thimm

Global Perspectives: Rapid Reactions to U.S. Election Results

At this point, giving advice to Trump on how to advance global cooperation may be a bit ambitious. A better approach could be to list some of the actions that he should avoid in order not to undermine global cooperation.

in: Council of Councils (ed.): Global Perspectives: Rapid Reactions to U.S. Election Results, Global Memo, 10.11.2016, (online)
Johannes Thimm

The United States and Multilateral Treaties: A Policy Puzzle

Boulder: First Forum Press (A Division of Lynne Rienner Publishers), 2016, 287 Pages
Council of Councils (ed.), Johannes Thimm

Three Suggestions for a Better Management of the Flow of Refugees and Migrants

in: The 2016 Council of Council Annual Conference Panelist Papers, May 2016, 3 Pages
Christian Schaller, Johannes Thimm

Internet Governance and the ITU: Maintaining the Multistakeholder Approach

The German Perspective

in: Council on Foreign Relations, 23.10.2014, (online)
Johannes Thimm

American Exceptionalism

Conceptual Thoughts and Empirical Evidence

Paper für die Tagung der Nachwuchsgruppe "Internationale Politik" der DVPW, 13./14.07.2007, Darmstadt, 20 Pages

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Johannes Thimm

What Really Matters in Transatlantic Relations

Working Paper 2005/No. 03, September 2005, 9 Pages

SWP Comments

Evita Schmieg
Los estándares laborales en los acuerdos comerciales: ¿un camino hacia una mayor sostenibilidad?

El caso de Colombia muestra el potencial y los límites de las cláusulas contractuales bilaterales

Evita Schmieg
Labour Clauses for Sustainability?

Colombian Trade Agreements Exemplify Potential and Limits