Dr. Felix Heiduk

Dr. Felix Heiduk

Research Division: Asia


2011–2014 Lecturer, Department for Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham

2009–2010 Visiting Post-doc fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

2007–2009 Research Associate, Asia Division of SWP

2004–2007 PhD fellowship Forum Ebenhausen

SWP Publications (selection):

Chum Chandarin, Felix Heiduk

Cambodia: The Winner Takes It All

2018 Elections Set Country Firmly on Path towards Authoritarianism

SWP Comment 2018/C 33, August 2018, 4 Pages
Felix Heiduk

An Arms Race in Southeast Asia?

Changing Arms Dynamics, Regional Security and the Role of European Arms Exports

SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 10, August 2017, 31 Pages
Felix Heiduk

Indonesia in ASEAN

Regional Leadership between Ambition and Ambiguity

SWP Research Paper 2016/RP 06, April 2016, 38 Pages
Muriel Asseburg, Daniel Brumberg (eds.)

The Challenge of Islamists for EU and US Policies: Conflict, Stability and Reform

Joint Publication of SWP and United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Washington, DC

SWP Research Paper 2007/RP 12, November 2007, 83 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Felix Heiduk

Is Southeast Asia really in an arms race?

In: East Asia Forum, 21.02.2018 (online)
Felix Heiduk, Ronja Scheler

Prospects for an invigorated EU-ASEAN partnership

IAPS Dialogue, Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham, 18.10.2017
Felix Heiduk

Externalizing the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs to Southeast Asia: Prospects and Limitations

in: Journal of Contemporary European Research, 12 (3) 2016, pp. 717 - 733
Felix Heiduk

Finding Regionalism in Jokowi’s Foreign Policy

Suggestions that Indonesia is now “turning away” from ASEAN may be exaggerated.

in: The Diplomat, ASEAN Beat, 03.05.2016 (online)

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Felix Heiduk

From guardians to democrats - attempts to explain change and continuity of the "military mind" in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines

Paper Proposal for 5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam (Germany), September 2009, Section: "Security Sector Reform and Democratic Consolidation", Panel 503: "Security sector reform and the transformation of doctrines and corporate identities"

Working Paper, September 2009, 19 Pages

Media quotes (selection):

Rodion Ebbinghausen

'IS' is seeking a foothold in Southeast Asia

in: Deutsche Welle, 30.6.2015 (online)

SWP Comments

Chum Chandarin, Felix Heiduk
Cambodia: The Winner Takes It All

2018 Elections Set Country Firmly on Path towards Authoritarianism

Paul Joscha Kohlenberg, Nadine Godehardt
China’s Global Connectivity Politics

On Confidently Dealing with Chinese Initiatives

SWP Research Papers

Volker Stanzel (ed.)
New Realities in Foreign Affairs: Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Lars Brozus (ed.)
While We Were Planning

Unexpected Developments in International Politics. Foresight Contributions 2018