German Information Network International & System Administration

The SWP is in charge of the German Information Network on International Affairs and Area Studies (FIV) and guarantees the central coordination of the FIV. Therefore the units Scientific Terminology, Database Management and Cataloguing, and Technical Information Management support the coordination, the database production, data design, and the technical development of the World Affairs Online (WAO) database.

Acting Chairwoman of the executive committee of the German Information Network on International Affairs and Regional Studies (FIV) is Dr. Petra Galle, M.A. +49 30 88007-338.

The German Information Network on International Affairs and Area Studies (FIV) is the common information infrastructure of twelve specialized institutes in Germany featuring an uniformly structured, integrated, publicly accessible literature and factual database (World Affairs Online, WAO) as well as specialized information products in the field of international relations and area studies for common use. The purpose of the FIV is the cost-efficient provision of comprehensive and specialized information for policy makers, research and teaching as well as for media and companies. Also support for the technical performance of each of the special information departments of the FIV member institutes is provided. This work is part of a European cooperation with the EINIRAS institutes which led to the development of a multilingual European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies.

These units are coordinated by Susanne Baron, the deputy head of Library and Information Services.


The European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS) is an association of research institutions dealing with information and documentation on international relations in research and political practice. to the EINIRAS-Website

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