German Information Network and System Administration

FIV, the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies is a shared disciplinary information infrastructure by ten independent German research institutes, coordinated by SWP. Together, they produce the publicly accessible literature database WAO – World Affairs Online indexed with the European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies. The WAO database serves as the basis for specialized information products in the field of International Relations and Area Studies.

The Information Network is committed to free access to information and knowledge. Its principal purpose is to provide comprehensive, specialized information for policy-makers and academics, as well as for the media, business and the public.

FIV provides cost-effective service and support for its members in enhancing their effectiveness, both informational and technical. FIV offers a forum for cooperating on implementing new academic services and for sharing views and experience on issues and developments in information science.

The public WAO database represents a national information resource for researchers and academics. The Information Network opens its high-quality data to academic use by providing an open-access license. It also makes the WAO database accessible on as many platforms as possible, including online library catalogues, resource discovery systems, specialized information services, etc.

The SWP is in charge of the Information Network and coordinates the development, maintenance and enhancement of the WAO database.

Susanne Baron is the spokesperson of the FIV executive committee, phone +49 30 88007-343.

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