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Information infrastructure

Information Infrastructure serves central research related services at SWP. Our task is to enable the researchers to concentrate on their central responsibility – which is their research and consultation work.

Information Infrastructure

  • supplies comprehensive specialist information services the SWP researchers, the German Bundestag and government, and specialist media outlets,
  • develops collaborative data science and open science services,
  • mediates key digital information qualifications,
  • provides comprehensive support for academic publishing and attends to cataloguing, dissemination and long-term archiving of SWP’s research output,
  • cooperates with numerous institutions and external partners, in its role as infrastructure provider and development partner for SWP’s digital information and research structure.

Our staff are integrated directly into the SWP research divisions and project groups, where they provide collaborative support with professional and digital expertise to the research and quality management processes. Information Infrastructure is divided into the two units Information Services and Digital Library. Information Services includes the Monitoring and Research, Data and Statistics, and Fact Check teams; Digital Library includes the Library and Publication Services teams.

SWP also coordinates the German Information Network for International Relations and Area Studies (FIV), which provides information infrastructure services at the national level.