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Internships / Visiting Scholars

Internship Opportunities at SWP

For internship opportunities at SWP Brussels, please refer to our German page. Thank you!

Visiting Scholars

Our Brussels Office offers the opportunity to host visiting scholars for a period between three and six months. There is no scholarship offered but the working place in the office as well as our resources can be used freely.

The visiting scholar should meet the following conditions:

  • Provide own financial resources (e.g. a scholarship)

  • Provide an elaborated research project that is e.g. embedded within your PhD studies or another kind of research enterprise

  • In addition to that, the applicant should demonstrate how her/his topic is relevant to the research agenda of SWP

  • Proof of enrolment at a PhD degree course or engagement at a research institute, think tank, university etc.

Please add your CV, a copy of your proof of your academic status (if appl.) and of your residence permit (if appl.) in one PDF file to your documents. Queries can be submitted throughout the year. At the moment, we would welcome requests for a stay starting in January 2024 or later. Please e-mail your query to: SWP.Bruessel(at)swp-berlin.org