Prof. Dr. Heribert Dieter

Prof. Dr. Heribert Dieter

Research Division: Global Issues
Senior Associate


2019-2020 Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong

Since 2017 Adjunct Professor at the University of Potsdam

2013 - 2019 Visiting Professor for International Political Economy at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen/Lake Constance

1998-2001 Senior Fellow, Institute for Development and Peace, University of Duisburg

2005 - 2011 Member of the European Network of Excellence GARNET

2009 Co-Director of "Warwick Commission on International Financial Reform"

Member of the editorial boards of the journals Global Governance (USA), Pacific Review (United Kingdom) and Business and Politics (USA)

SWP Publications (selection):

Heribert Dieter

RCEP-Countries Create Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone

Trade Facilitation but No Integrated Bloc

SWP Comment 2021/C 03, January 2021, 7 Pages


Heribert Dieter

The Political Limits of Regional Integration

SWP Working Paper FG8, 2018/03, December 2018, 19 Pages
Heribert Dieter

Stubbornly Germany First

Options for Reducing the World’s Largest Current Account Surplus

SWP Comment 2018/C 48, November 2018, 8 Pages
Heribert Dieter

Collateral Damage from ECB Strategy

Ultra-loose Monetary Policy Has Little Benefit – and Harms Many

SWP Comment 2015/C 03, February 2015, 8 Pages
Heribert Dieter

Liquidity and Sovereignty

The Eurozone Needs a Lender of Last Resort

SWP Comment 2010/C 06, March 2010, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Heribert Dieter

Trade integration in Asia

in: Beeson, Mark; Stubbs, Richard (2012) (Hrsg.): Handbook of Asian Regionalism, Abingdon und New York: Routledge, S. 116-128.

The Decline of Global Economic Governance and the Role of the Transatlantic Powers

Business and Politics, Special Issue Global Economic Governance: Beyond the Management by the United States and the European Union?, Business and Politics, 11. Jg., Nr. 3, Artikel 6, Berkeley Electronic Press 2009
Heribert Dieter, Richard Higgott

Exploring Alternative Theories of Economic Regionalism: From Trade to Finance in Asian Co-operation?

in: Review of International Political Economy, 10 (August 2003) 3, pp. 430-455
Heribert Dieter

APEC and the WTO: Collision or Cooperation?

in: The Pacific Review, 10 (1997) 1, pp. 19-38

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Heribert Dieter

Rethinking Global Economic Governance and the G-20?

Global rules for trade, diverging rules for finance

Working Paper FG 8, 2012/02, May 2012, 23 Pages

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Heribert Dieter

A ‘club’ structure for European integration

in: Gateway House, Indian Council on Foreign Relations, 21. February 2019 (online)
Heribert Dieter

The worst phase in global economy is behind

Interview von Vickram Bahl, in: The Voice of Russia, 23.09.2013 (Video)

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