Dr. Hamidreza Azizi

Dr. Hamidreza Azizi

Research Division: Africa and Middle East
Visiting Fellow


Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (fincanced by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) – Research project title: »Iran’s Foreign Policy Making in the Middle East: A Comparative Study of Iraq and Syria«
Hosted by: Dr. Muriel Asseburg

2016-2020 Assistant Professor of Regional Studies at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

2016-2018 Guest Lecturer at the Regional Studies Department at the University of Tehran

2011-2015 Ph.D. Candidate in Regional Studies at the University of Tehran

2012-2013 Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies, Tehran

Areas of Expertise:

Iranian Foreign Policy, Syria, Iraq, Iran-Russia Relations, Geopolitics and Security in the Middle East and Central Eurasia

SWP Publications (selection):

Muriel Asseburg, Hamidreza Azizi, Galip Dalay, Moritz Pieper

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Conflict Dynamics in Syria

Neither a Turning Point Nor an Overall Determinant

SWP Comment 2020/C 21, May 2020, 8 Pages


Hamidreza Azizi

Iran’s Multi-Faceted Strategy in Deir ez‑Zor

From Fighting Terrorism to Creating a Zone of Influence

SWP Comment 2020/C 15, March 2020, 4 Pages


External Publications (selection):

Hamidreza Azizi, Hanna Notte

Can Russia Help Biden Get a Comprehensive Agreement with Iran?

in: The National Interest, January 19, 2021 (online)
Hamidreza Azizi, Vali Golmohammadi, Amir Hossein Vazirian

Trump’s “maximum pressure” and anti‐containment in Iran’s regional policy

in: Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES), 27.10.2020 (online)
Hamidreza Azizi

Russian Arms Trade Approach in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Economic and Strategic Aspects

in: Geopolitics Quarterly, Vol. 14, No. 2, Winter 2019
Hamidreza Azizi, Leonid Issaev

Russian and Iranian Economic Interests in Syria

(Pre-2010 and intra-war period)

in: Geneva Center for Security Policy (gcsp.ch), May 2019
Hamidreza Azizi

Iran in Syria: Decision-Making Actors, Interests and Priorities

in: Geneva Center for Security Policy (gcsp.ch), March 2019

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Hamidreza Azizi, Vali Golmohammadi

Are Iran and Turkey on a Collision Course in Iraq?

Friction between Tehran and Ankara in Iraq is rooted in balance-of-power considerations and their quest for greater influence.

in: The National Interest, 13.03.2021 (online)
Hamidreza Azizi, Maysam Behravesh

Israel’s Peace Deals Are a Strategic Nightmare for Iran

in: Foreign Policy, 14.09.2020 (online)
Hamidreza Azizi, Maysam Behravesh

Why an Iran-U.S. Detente Could Still Occur Under Joe Biden

The Biden foreign policy team hopes to use nuclear de-escalation with Tehran as a stepping stone to fostering a “modus vivendi” between Iran and its regional rivals, a more realistic approach that might go down well with Ayatollah Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards.

In: The National Interest, 11.08.2020 (online)
Hamidreza Azizi

The corona crisis could trigger a change in Iran’s foreign policy

The pandemic appears to have revealed the limits of Iran's 'Look to the East' strategy for preserving its national interests.

in: International Politics and Society, 24.04.2020 (online)

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