Dr. phil. Andrea Schmitz

Research Division: Eastern Europe, Eurasia
Senior Associate


phone:+49 30 88007-204

On leave of absence, 01 September 2015 till 31 December 2018

March to December 2013 and March to July 2014 field research in Central Asia

Oct./Nov. 2009 SWP Fellow in Residence at SWP's Brussels Office

2004-2005 Policy Advisor, German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

2002-2004 Senior Research Associate at SWP, Research Unit Russian Federation and CIS

1997-2002 Education Management and University Lecturing in Kazakhstan (Goethe Institute, German Academic Exchange Service)

1995-1997 Research associate and lecture, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Munich University

Areas of Expertise:

Central Asia, Elites and elite change, EU foreign policy, Natural resources management, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe , Political Islam / Islamism

Political and social developments; forms of power and normative foundations of politics; Islam and Islamism; regional relations; interests, strategies and instruments of Russian, European and American policy.

SWP Publications (selection):

Andrea Schmitz

Revolution Again in Kyrgyzstan: Forward to the Past?

SWP Comment 2021/C 08, January 2021, 4 Pages


Andrea Schmitz

Uzbekistan’s Transformation

Strategies and Perspectives

SWP Research Paper 2020/RP 12, September 2020, 32 Pages


Andrea Schmitz

Tajikistan on the Road to Totalitarianism

SWP Comment 2019/C 10, February 2019, 4 Pages


Andrea Schmitz

Islam in Tajikistan

Actors, Discourses, Conflicts

SWP Research Paper 2015/RP 03, March 2015, 31 Pages
Andrea Schmitz, Alexander Wolters

Political Protest in Central Asia

Potentials and Dynamics

SWP Research Paper 2012/RP 07, April 2012, 28 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Andrea Schmitz

The political economy of Kazakh foreign policy

in: Joachim Ahrens and Herman W. Hoen (eds.), Institutional Reform in Central Asia: Politico-Economic Challenges. London (Routledge) 2012, pp. 111-128.
Margarete Klein, Andrea Schmitz, Hans-Henning Schröder, Susan Stewart (eds.)

Presidents, Oligarchs and Democrats: Forms of Rule in the Post-Soviet Space

Farnham: Ashgate, 2012
Andrea Schmitz

The Central Asia Strategy: An Exercise in EU Foreign Policy

in: Alexander Warkotsch (ed.), The European Union and Central Asia, London et al. 2010, pp. 11-21
Andrea Schmitz

Whose Conditionality? The Failure of EU Sanctions on Uzbekistan

in: Central Asia - Caucasus Institute Analyst, Vol. 11, No. 21, 11. November 2009 (online)
Markus Kaim, Andrea Schmitz

Can the OSCE be saved?

The challenges confronting the world's largest regional security organization

in: Internationale Politik - Global Edition, Vol. 8, Spring issue, 1/2007, pp. 68-75

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Andrea Schmitz

Someone Else’s Virus

Until very recently Central Asia remained a blank on the maps showing the spread of Covid-19. In the meantime the virus has appeared there too, and most countries are implementing the same protective measures used elsewhere. But, as Andrea Schmitz observes, Tajikistan is following a different strategy.

Point of View, 27.03.2020
Andrea Schmitz

An era is coming to an end in Kazakhstan

After the change of power in Kazakhstan, the signs point to continuity. But in the future, social moods could become more important. It cannot be ruled out that this will lead to more turbulent times for the country. A classification by Andrea Schmitz.

Point of View, 27.03.2019
Andrea Schmitz

Kazakhstan will continue to 'tiptoe' around China

Nursultan Nazarbayev shocked Kazakhstan on Tuesday with his resignation after nearly three decades in power. Central Asia expert Andrea Schmitz explains what the move could mean for Kazakh-China ties.

in: Deutsche Welle, Interview by Nicole Ng, 21.03.2019