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Global Issues

The Global Issues Division examines the diverse thematic fields of global governance and the underlying conflict lines and actor constellations at the governmental, intergovernmental, and non-state level; the common point of reference are the preconditions, potentials and limits of rule-based and efficient global cooperation.


The research division combines political, social, economic and legal expertise. Its work covers a wide range of topics:

The development of the global order: against the backdrop of increasing geopolitical confrontation, it looks at when or under what circumstances international cooperation continues to function. In addition, general processes of change are analyzed.

Institutions, actors and modes of global politics: 

  • International law
  • Governance and future analysis
  • United Nations

Developments in key policy areas: 

  • Digital policy
  • Energy policy
  • Health policy
  • Trade and financial policy
  • Climate policy
  • Flight, migration policy and demographic development
  • Sustainability policy