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In SWP podcasts our researchers and occasional guests discuss current issues in international politics. During the initial pilot phase we are experimenting with different formats, and episodes will appear at irregular intervals.

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Peter van der Auweraert, Nadine Biehler, Dušan Reljić

Migrants out in the Cold in Bosnia: Solutions for Humanitarian Crisis on EU's doorstep

Hundreds of people are living in appalling conditions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, waiting near the border to Croatia, which they see as their path into the EU. Damien McGuinness talks to Peter van der Auweraert, Nadine Biehler and Dušan Reljić about solutions to the humanitarian crisis now, and EU migration long-term.

SWP Podcast 2021/eP 02, February 2021
Alan Makovsky, Ilke Toygür

New US President - Boost or Blow for EU's Tricky Ties with Turkey?

Damien McGuinness talks to Alan Makovsky and Ilke Toygür about what a Biden presidency means for EU-Turkey relations. Will it improve that rocky relationship? And what does the US expect from the EU?

SWP Podcast 2021/eP 01, January 2021