Dr. Marco Overhaus

Dr. Marco Overhaus

Research Division: The Americas


2015 Desk Officer, Policy Planning Staff and North America-Division (USA, Canada, G7/G8), German Foreign Office, Berlin

2008-2013 Associate, Research Divison EU External Relations, SWP, Berlin

2010 Transatlantic Fellow, RAND Corporation, Washington, D.C.

2009-2010 Transatlantic Fellow, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Paris

2002-2008 Research Associate and Project Manager, Chair for International Relations and Foreign Policy,  University of Trier, Trier

2001 Diploma Political Science, University of Potsdam, Potsdam

1999-2000 Fulbright Fellow, University of California, San Diego

SWP Publications (selection):

Lars Brozus, Marco Overhaus

US Foreign Policy after the 2016 Elections

Presidential Contenders’ Opposing Concepts and Domestic Political Dynamics

SWP Comments 2016/C 33, July 2016, 4 Pages
Marco Overhaus, Guido Steinberg, Kirsten Westphal

The US Shale Revolution and the Arab Gulf States

The Economic and Political Impact of Changing Energy Markets

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 11, November 2014, 33 Pages
Marco Overhaus

2014 Quadrennial Defense Review

Trends in US Defense Policy and Consequences for NATO

SWP Comments 2014/C 14, March 2014, 4 Pages
Nicolai von Ondarza, Marco Overhaus

The CSDP after the December Summit

To Rebalance, the EU Should Focus Less on Missions and More on Security and Defence Cooperation

SWP Comments 2014/C 07, January 2014, 4 Pages
Marco Overhaus, Mateja Peter

The EU and Peacebuilding

South Sudan and the Sahel Indicate That the Union Is Rethinking Its Concepts but Not Yet Changing Its Policies

SWP Comments 2012/C 41, December 2012, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Marco Overhaus

Quo Vadis Pentagon?

Trends in US Defence Policy and the Consequences for Europe

in: European Security and Defence, 06/2015, pp. 10-12
Ronja Kempin, Marco Overhaus

EU Foreign Policy in Times of the Financial and Debt Crisis

in: European Foreign Affairs Review, 19 (2014) 4, pp. 179–194
Marco Overhaus

Security-Development Nexus

Perspectives for the EU’s Next Financial Framework

in: European Foreign Affairs Review, 18 (2013) 4, pp. 511–528
Marco Overhaus, Angel Rabasa et al.

From Insurgency to Stability

Volume 1: Key Capabilites and Practices

Santa Monica, CA: Rand Corporation, 2011, 273 Pages

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Marco Overhaus

Trump's New Strategy on Iran: Hard Questions for Europe

in: European Leadership Network, 17.10.2017 (online)
Marco Overhaus

Trump and North Korea

Deutsche Welle, 27.04.2017
Marco Overhaus

US election: contrasting foreign policy

Marco Overhaus, expert at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), on the US presidential candidates.

in: DE Magazin Deutschland 3/2016; deutschland.de, 06.10.2016, (online)

SWP Comments

Lauren Schwartz, Johannes Thimm
Some American Voters Are More Equal

Election Law As an Arena of Partisan Strategy

Laura von Daniels
Last Exit Basel III

As Regulation of Bank Capital Comes to a Close, Stability Concerns Risk Taking a Backseat