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From Eye in the Sky to Killer Robots: Rules and regulations for autonomous weapons

SWP Podcast 2022/eP 02, 02.06.2022 Research Areas

In this podcast episode by the international Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons (iPRAW), we look at some of the sticking points to consider when machines are given the power to decide over life and death. We head to Geneva to examine the process of regulating so-called “killer robots” and what various countries think should be done about them.

You can find all iPRAW Publications here: https://www.ipraw.org/publications/


Contributing experts:

Dr. Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan, Head of iPRAW and Researcher at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Anja Dahlmann, Member and Co-Founder of iPRAW and currently head of the Berlin office of the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy

Maya Brehm, International Committee of the Red Cross

Susanne Hammer, Austrian Federal Foreign Office

Maricela Muñoz, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Isabel Sarasin, German Federal Foreign Office, Division on Conventional Arms Control

Reto Wollenmann, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Anchor: Kevin Caners