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Berlin Conference on Asian Security (BCAS)

Founded in 1998 in Waldbröl outside Bonn, the »Berlin Conference on Asian Security« (formerly: »Waldbröl Group«) aims to facilitate an exchange of information and views among European, American, and Asian scholars and officials on Asian Pacific security issues. Participation is on personal invitation and on an individual basis.

The BCAS takes place annually at German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP) in Berlin.

BCAS Topics

BCAS 2022 - Asia’s Age of Minilateralism?

BCAS 2021 - The Geopolitics of Connectivity in the Indo-Pacific

BCAS 2020 - cancelled

BCAS 2019 - Dancing with elephants? Dealing with great power rivalries in Asia

BCAS 2018 - Competing spaces, shifting orders: Asia’s new geopolitics

BCAS 2017 - Triangular formations in Asia. Genesis, strategies, value added and limitations

BCAS 2016 - Nuclear Stability in Asia. Strengthening Order in Times of Crises

BCAS 2015 - International Dimensions of National (In)Security: Concepts, Challenges and Ways Forward

BCAS 2014 - »With great power comes great responsibility«: 100 years after World War I – Pathways to a secure Asia

BCAS 2013 - Territorial Issues in Asia - Drivers, Instruments, Ways Forward

BCAS 2012 - The U.S. and China in Regional Security. Implications for Asia and Europe

BCAS 2011 - cancelled

BCAS 2010 - Military Trends in Asia: Capabilities, Strategies, Regional and Global Implications

BCAS 2009 - A European Security Role in Asia. Expectations, Norms, Capacities

BCAS 2008 - China in Asia's Future: Perspectives from Asia, the United States and Europe

BCAS 2007 - The Internal Stability and Cohesion of Asian States: Consequences for Intraregional and International Relations

BCAS 2006 - Security Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific