Dr. Salim Çevik

Dr. Salim Çevik

Research Division: EU/Europe
Visiting Fellow


2016-2017 Post-Doctoral Fellow at Lund University Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Sweden)

2013-2016 Lecturer at Ipek University Political Science Department (Turkey)

2011-2012 Visting Scholar at Lund University Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Sweden)

2009-2011 Research Assitant at Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkey)

2008-2009 Visting Scholar at Columbia University (USA)

Areas of Expertise:

Global Rise of Populism and Post Truth Politics, Relation Between Populism, Nationalism and Religion, Decline of Democracy In Turkey, Politics of Recognition and The Kurdish Problem, Trajectory of Political Islam and Post Islamism.

SWP Publications (selection):

Salim Çevik

The Future of Opposition in Turkey

Overcoming Identity Politics Is the Key for Success

SWP Comment 2018/C 35, August 2018, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Salim Çevik

İdeal Yurttaşın Din ve Millet Kriteri. Muhafazakar Dusunce.

(Religion and Nationality as Markers of the Ideal Citizen)

in: Muhafazakar Düşünce, year 5, vol.18, Autum 2008, p. 147-166.

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