Since 2015 Senior Analyst, EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) in Paris

2014-2015 Visiting Scholar, Foreign Policy Institute (UI), Stockholm

2012-2015 Head of Europe Program of Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)

2009-2012 Head of SWP's Brussels Office

2005-2009 Researcher in the Research Division EU Integration

SWP Publications (selection):

Andreas Maurer, Roderick Parkes

Is the UK Jumping or Being Pushed?

British Separatism after Cameron's EU Veto

SWP Comment 2012/C 15, April 2012, 4 Pages
Roderick Parkes

How the UK Became Politically Dependent on Germany

And Why Germany Should Exploit the Situation for a New Bilateralism

SWP Comment 2011/C 04, February 2011, 4 Pages
Roderick Parkes

Costing Free Movement

Fear and Non-transposition in the Schengen Area

SWP Comment 2010/C 27, November 2010, 4 Pages
Steffen Angenendt, Roderick Parkes

The Blue Card Impasse

Three Options for EU Policy on Highly Qualified Immigrants

SWP Comment 2010/C 14, June 2010, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Roderick Parkes

European Migration Policy from Amsterdam to Lisbon

The end of the responsibility decade?

Nomos Books AMP Series 79, September 2010, 199 Pages

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Roderick Parkes

Mobility partnerships: valuable addition to the ENP repertoire?

A checklist for revitalising ENP

Working Paper FG 1, 2009/Nr. 03, January 2009, 4 Pages
Steffen Angenendt, Roderick Parkes

The re-nationalisation of migration policy-making?

EU cooperation after the Immigration Pact

Working Paper FG 1, 2009/Nr. 02 & FG 8, 2009/Nr. 05, January 2009, 6 Pages
Roderick Parkes

Immigration from the EU's "new" member states

Lessons from the UK

Working Paper FG 1, 2008/Nr. 12, May 2008, 5 Pages
Roderick Parkes

The UK and the Ratification of the Reform Treaty

From European Problem Child to Class Swot

Working Paper FG 1, 2008/ Nr. 02, February 2008, 8 Pages

SWP Comments

Steffen Angenendt, Anne Koch
How Germany Can Benefit from the Global Compact for Migration

Opportunities for National Reforms and International Cooperation

Melanie Müller, Judith Vorrath
Mozambique Still At Risk

Despite the Peace Process, A Serious Crisis Looms

SWP Research Papers

Annegret Bendiek, Raphael Bossong
Shifting Boundaries of the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy

A Challenge to the Rule of Law

Peter Becker
A New Budget for the EU

Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021–2027