Ten Years SWP in Brussels

Since it opened in 2009, the Brussels Office has served as the interface between SWP’s headquarters in Berlin and the political community in Europe’s capital. This allows SWP to offer research-based policy advice on foreign and security issues and European and international affairs on the ground in Brussels – in various, always confidential formats. The work is frequently conducted in cooperation with EU institutions, NATO, diplomatic missions, other think tanks, universities, political foundations, regional representations, business associations and NGOs.

Hosting over 35 events annually, with around 1600 participants, the SWP Brussels Office provides a networking platform bringing together political actors in Brussels and other capitals with SWP researchers from Berlin. SWP researchers frequently take part in hearings held by committees of the European Parliament or Council working groups.

Groups and individuals visit the SWP Brussels Office to learn about the work of SWP and the think tank landscape in Brussels, and discuss current European and international issues with SWP colleagues. As well as experts and politicians from EU member states and third countries, they include delegations from the German Bundestag and federal state parliaments, scholars and students.

The Brussels SWP offers a visiting scholar programme and internships.

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Dr. phil. Dušan Reljić

Dr. phil. Dušan Reljić
Head of Office


SWP publications by Issues / Regions:

Nicolas Lux, M.A.

Nicolas Lux, M.A.
Programme Manager


SWP publications by Issues / Regions:

Sarah Charlotte Henkel, M.A.

Sarah Charlotte Henkel, M.A.
Programme Officer


SWP publications by Issues / Regions:

SWP Comments

Molly O’Neal
The European Commission’s Enhanced Rule of Law Mechanism


Raphael Bossong
The Expansion of Frontex

Symbolic Measures and Long-term Changes in EU Border Management

SWP Research Papers

Evita Schmieg
Connections between Trade Policy and Migration

A Sphere of Action for the EU

Daniel Voelsen
Cracks in the Internet’s Foundation

The Future of the Internet’s Infrastructure and Global Internet Governance