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François Godement, Gudrun Wacker

Promoting a European China policy – France and Germany together

Research Division Asia, Working Paper 2020/Nr. 1, November 2020, 9 Pages


Doruk Arbay

The Modernization of the European Union's Customs Union with Turkey

Turkey's Pro-Customs Union Rhetoric and Recent Approach of Turkish Political and Business Decision-Makers

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 05, September 2020, 35 pages


Katarzyna Czupa

Poland and the EU–Turkey Customs Union

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 04, July 2020, 23 pages


Minna Ålander, Sophia Russack

Member states’ expectations towards the German Council Presidency

Working Paper Research Division EU/Europe 2020/ No. 01, July 2020, 26 Pages


Yaşar Aydın

Modernisation of the EU–Turkey Customs Union

The German Debate on Modernisation of the Customs Union Considering Economic Interests, Prospects of Cooperation and Political Obstacles

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 03, July 2020, 32 pages


Günter Seufert

The changing nature of the Turkish State Authority for Religious Affairs (ARA) and Turkish Islam in Europe

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 02, June 2020, 44 pages


Iulia-Alexandra Oprea

An Assessment of DİTİB’s role in the prevention of violent radicalization

A crucial aspect of Turkish State Islam in Germany

Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS), Working Paper Nr. 01, June 2020, 35 pages


Azadeh Zamirirad, David Ramin Jalilvand, Nikolay Kozhanov, Mohammadbagher Forough, P. R. Kumaraswamy, Ja’far Haghpanah, Dalileh Rahimi Ashtiani, Sanam Vakil, Cornelius Adebahr

Forced to Go East?

Iran’s Foreign Policy Outlook and the Role of Russia, China and India

Working Paper Research Division Middle East and Africa, 2020/01, 42 Pages


Eduard Anaškin

Counterpublics, Attitudes, and Social Change in Authoritarian Regimes

An analysis of digital communities on Russian YouTube

Working Paper Research Division Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2020/01, 30 Pages


Marianne Beisheim

Reviewing the HLPF's "format and organizational aspects" - what's being discussed?

Assessing current proposals under debate

Working Paper Research Division Global Issues, 2020/01
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SWP Comments

Janis Kluge, Michael Paul
Russia’s Arctic Strategy through 2035

Grand Plans and Pragmatic Constraints

Moritz Rudolf
The Hong Kong National Security Law

A Harbinger of China’s Emerging International Legal Discourse Power

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