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Further Reading

This collection of complementary documents, databases, chronologies and references to institutions with a special focus on North Korea was compiled by Simona Beckemeier, Judith Köhler and Gesche Weiland. The short bibliographies consist of recommended reading lists for engaging more extensively with particular topics of the North Korean conflict.

This timeline by Matthias Schulze, in addition to the chapter Cyberspace: Asymmetric Warfare and Cyber-Heists in the SWP Research Paper Facets of the North Korea Conflict: Actors, Problems and Europe’s Interests, gives an overview of cyber operations attributed to North Korea.

  • Collection of reference links
    • Country information
    • Chronologies
    • Interactive charts and maps
    • Databases, portals and publication series
    • United Nations Security Council Resolutions, Declarations and Reports
    • Official websites
    • Think tanks, research institutes and other organizations
    • Media: Press, Blogs, Podcasts
  • Short bibliographies
    • Other countries’ perspectives on, and relations with, North Korea
      • South Korea – North Korea
      • USA – North Korea
      • China – North Korea
      • Japan – North Korea
      • Russia – North Korea
      • Europe – North Korea
    • Topics
      • state and society
      • human rights
      • reunification
      • six-party talks
      • sanctions
      • nuclear and other weapons programmes
      • military options for action
      • information technology and cybercrime
  • Timeline: Cyber operations attributed to North Korea