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Evita Schmieg

Africa – G20 and Proposals for Marshall Plans

New Instruments for New External Economic Settings?

SWP Comments 2017/C 13, April 2017, 4 Pages
Khaled Yacoub Oweis

Syria’s Sectarian Quandary

Without Solving Sunni Dispossession, the Geneva Talks Skirt around the Conflict

SWP Comments 2017/C 12, April 2017, 8 Pages
Sabine Fischer

A Permanent State of Sanctions?

Proposal for a More Flexible EU Sanctions Policy toward Russia

SWP Comments 2017/C 11, April 2017, 8 Pages
Claudia Major, Alicia von Voß

European Defence in View of Brexit

Europe’s military power might not suffer, but its political clout is at risk

SWP Comments 2017/C 10, April 2017, 4 Pages
Lidia Averbukh

Israel on the Road to the Orient?

The Cultural and Political Rise of the Mizrahim

SWP Comments 2017/C 09, April 2017, 7 Pages
Peter Becker

The Right Moment to Reform the EU Budget

SWP Comments 2017/C 08, March 2017, 7 Pages
Nicolai von Ondarza, Julia Becker

Negotiating with a Dis-United Kingdom

The EU’s Options Concerning Scotland and Northern Ireland in the Brexit Talks

SWP Comments 2017/C 07, March 2017, 8 Pages
David Schulze, Nadine Godehardt

China 4.0

Party and Society Debate the Digital Transformation

SWP Comments 2017/C 06, March 2017, 8 Pages
Jessica Noll

Egypt’s Armed Forces Cement Economic Power

Military Business Expansion Impedes Structural Reforms

SWP Comments 2017/C 05, February 2017, 7 Pages
Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk, Kai-Olaf Lang, Karsten Neuhoff, Ellen Scholl, Kirsten Westphal

Energy in the German-Polish Relationship

Acknowledging Controversies – Pursuing Shared Interests

SWP Comments 2017/C 04, February 2017, 8 Pages
Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 572
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SWP Research Papers

Evita Schmieg
Cuba “Updates” Its Economic Model

Perspectives for Cooperation with the European Union

Alexandra Sakaki, Gudrun Wacker
China – Japan – South Korea

A Tense Ménage à Trois