Sophie-Charlotte Brune, Marcel Dickow, Hilmar Linnenkamp, Christian Mölling

The German Armed Forces and the Financial Crisis

Towards National Restructuring and European Economies of Scale

SWP Comment 2010/C 13, May 2010, 7 Pages



With the economic crisis making no exceptions for the German defence budget the pocket calculator could soon become vital equipment for the Bundeswehr. How can the armed forces continue making a dependable, efficient and affordable contribution to German and European security and defence? It is not enough to focus exclusively on the German context here. Quite the opposite: it is time to break with the tradition of national thinking in defence planning and tap instead the potential of economies of scale at the European level. When considering the future of the Bundeswehr we must ask how such an about-turn can be accomplished in harmony with alliance responsibilities, the ongoing transformation process and operational requirements.

SWP Research Paper