Hans-Henning Schröder (ed.)

The Caucasus Crisis

International Perceptions and Policy Implications for Germany and Europe

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 09, November 2008, 59 Pages

During the second week of August 2008 a local conflict in South Ossetia suddenly flared up into a conflagration on an international scale. Russia's decision to answer the Georgian attack on South Ossetia with a massive military intervention and to "punish" Georgia's wayward leadership triggered an international crisis. The brief analyses collected here examine how the Caucasus crisis has been perceived in the most important affected states and international organizations and outline the options that ensue. Alongside the question of how the crisis itself was managed, three themes are uppermost: a peaceful European order extending beyond the borders of the European Union, stronger political integration within the EU, and defining the role of NATO in an expanded Europe.

Table of Contents

Problems and Recommendations

Hans-Henning Schröder
"A Short, Victorious War"? Russian Perspectives on the Caucasus Crisis
Russian version (PDF)

Margarete Klein
Military Implications of the Georgia War: Russian Armed Forces in Need of Reform

Uwe Halbach
The Regional Dimension: Georgia and the Southern Caucasus after the War

Russian version (PDF)

Andrea Schmitz
The Caucasus Conflict and the Future of the CIS

Russian version (PDF)

Rainer Lindner
Ukraine and Russia: A New Flashpoint in Crimea

Kai-Olaf Lang
The Old Fears of the New Europeans

Markus Kaim
"We are all Georgians" - Perceptions of the Russian-Georgian War in the United States

Frank Kupferschmidt
First Priority: Keep the Alliance Together

Annegret Bendiek / Daniela Schwarzer
The EU's Southern Caucasus Policy under the French Council Presidency: Between Consultation, Cooperation and Confrontation


Timeline of the Russian-Georgian Conflict (3 April to 3 September 2008), p.49

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