Dzintra Bungs

The Baltic States: Problems and Prospects of Membership in the European Union

Baden-Baden Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, December 1997, 130 Pages ISBN 3-7890-5591-3 [AMP, Bd. 55]

With reference to the December 1997 decision of the EU's European Council to include the Baltic States among the candidates for EU expansion and to start accession negotiations with Estonia, this study examines the developments in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania during the period from August 1991 to January 1998. Unlike the EU Commission Opinions of July 1997 on the readiness of the ten candidate countries for EU membership, the author considers from a Baltic perspective Estonia's, Latvia's, and Lithuania's path towards the European Union. Her study, however, is not a plea for the Baltic States' admission to the EU, but rather a balanced and comprehensive assessment of the situation there. Drawing on her familiarity with the region, the author answers to the following key questions:


  • What are the achievements of the Baltic States?
  • Where have they been successful?
  • What are their problems and difficulties?
  • What remains to be done?

The answers provide valuable information about the Baltic economies, foreign relations, domestic policies, human rights, and the situation of minorities. Thus, this volume can serve to promote a better understanding of the region.


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