Joachim Schild

The 40th Anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

The Franco-German Jubilee as Catalyst for Bilateral Relations and European Policy

SWP Comment 2003/C 05, March 2003, 8 Pages


France, Germany

The occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty on January 22, 2003 not only served as a symbolic representation of Franco-German reconciliation and cooperation. The governments in Paris and Berlin also used the event to renew their claim of cultivating a privileged relationship within the European Union. What concrete results did the Jubilee summit bring about? To what extent is a long-term political renewal of the Franco-German relationship to be expected beyond the celebrations? What is the added value for Europe of the two countries' most recent European policy initiatives? What risks does the further development of bilateral relations entail and what are the main hurdles to be overcome?

SWP Research Paper