Annegret Bendiek, Barbara Lippert, Daniela Schwarzer (eds.)

State of Play in European Integration

Challenges and Opportunities for German Policy

SWP Research Paper 2011/RP 12, December 2011, 38 Pages

The entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty was meant to take the process of constitutionalisation of the EU to a new level. At the same time, the customary practice of advancing European integration incrementally on the basis of a permissive consensus faces growing criticism.

Key questions such as what should be done to improve the EU's capacity to act and to reduce the Union's democratic deficit still remain on the agenda. What substantially and procedurally sound options exist for the future development of the EU? And how can these be translated into practice in different policy fields? What role should Germany play in this process?

Table of Contents

Annegret Bendiek
Introduction: Europe after Lisbon – State of Play

Lars Brozus / Daniela Kietz / Nicolai von Ondarza
The Development of the EU System between Pressure for Reform and Integration Fatigue. Opportunities and Limits of Pragmatism

Peter Becker / Bettina Rudloff
High Expenditures Require New Legitimisation: Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy

Ronja Kempin / Nicolai von Ondarza / Marco Overhaus
Overcoming Strategic Ambivalence: Options for the Future Development of the Common Security and Defence Policy

Barbara Lippert / Daniela Schwarzer
The EU between Disintegration and Self-Assertion: Developments and Courses of Action


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