Cathleen Berger, Nicolai von Ondarza

The Next High Representative and the EEAS

Reforming the EU Foreign Policy Structures

SWP Comment 2013/C 40, December 2013, 4 Pages



In 2014, the ongoing reform of the EU foreign policy structures will enter the next crucial stage: The new appointments of the High Representative and the President of the European Council as well as the follow-up process of the European External Action Service’s (EEAS) review open up the opportunity to solve some of the outstanding issues. Chief among these are clarifying the contested relations between the different actors involved in EU foreign policy, strengthening the leadership role of the High Representative within the Commission and integrating central elements such as the European Neighbourhood Policy and the EU Special Representatives in the EEAS. This should also enable the next High Representative to take a more active role in one of the most contested issues of EU foreign policy – the setting of strategic priorities.

SWP Research Paper