Martina Huber, Luc van de Goor (eds.)

Mainstreaming Conflict Prevention - Concept and Practice

CPN Yearbook 2000/01

Baden-Baden Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, December 2001, 274 Pages ISBN 3-7890-7730-5 [AMP, Bd. 60]

With its theme "Mainstreaming Conflict Prevention” the fourth edition of the CPN Yearbooks explores a new field of action which is increasingly gaining ground in research and policy communities within the EU and beyond. The volume addresses the experiences of different actors in building in conflict prevention into their own policy, and focuses on developments within governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs as well as the corporate sector.

What has been achieved so far in the process of systematically incorporating conflict prevention into policies? What are the requirements for a successful "culture of prevention”? These questions are addressed in the first part of the yearbook; the second part offers a selection of SWP-CPN products including a reassessment of conflicts in the Caucasus, a study on Central Asia contributed to a CPN workshop at the European Commission, a briefing study on rule of law, and an evaluation of missed opportunities of conflict prevention in Kosovo.

The eleven chapters were contributed by academics and practitioners from across Europe and Canada. They are relevant for policy-makers as well as analysts and advocates of conflict prevention.

SWP Comment

Christian Wagner
Political Upheaval in Sri Lanka

Internal and External Consequences of the Parliamentary Elections on 5 August 2020

Fabian Burkhardt
Russia’s “Passportisation” of the Donbas

The Mass Naturalisation of Ukrainians Is More Than a Foreign Policy Tool

SWP Research Paper

Andrea Schmitz
Uzbekistan’s Transformation

Strategies and Perspectives

Muriel Asseburg
Reconstruction in Syria

Challenges and Policy Options for the EU and its Member States