Peter Lintl

The Dynamics of a Right-wing Coalition

How the Failure of the Peace Processes Encourages Domestic Populism in Israel

SWP Comment 2016/C 45, October 2016, 8 Pages

Israel has been increasingly criticised for violating substantive democratic principles. The trigger was a series of decisions and initiatives. In July 2016, the Knesset adopted a stricter transparency law for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) financed from abroad, as well as a law empowering it to divest its members of their mandate. For weeks and months, government had made various suggestions for closer oversight of cultural and media institutions (for instance). There has also been repeated disapproval of Supreme Court judgements, which went hand in hand with calls for Parliament to be enabled to overrule its verdicts. These advances have had negative repercussions not just in Israel, but internationally as well.

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