Tobias Etzold, Paweł Tokarski

New Centre-Right Government in Finland

Economic and European Challenges and Perspectives

SWP Comment 2015/C 35, June 2015, 4 Pages

Finland is directly affected by two of the biggest crises in the history of European integration: the troubles of the euro and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The new Finnish government, formed by the liberal Centre Party, the populist Finns Party and the conservative National Coalition Party, faces major economic, foreign policy and security challenges, but fundamental change in its policy towards the EU and the eurozone is not to be expected. The coalition’s stability will depend not least on whether it embarks upon urgent structural reforms, and whether or not they are successful. The outcome of the reform process will also affect Finland’s political influence within the European Union and the situation of the German-led coalition of the most competitive eurozone members.

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