Christoph Bail, Wolfgang H. Reinicke, Reinhardt Rummel (eds.)

EU-US Relations: Balancing the Partnership Taking a Medium-Term Perspective

Baden-Baden Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, December 1996, 223 Pages ISBN 3-7890-4837-2 [AMP, Bd. 48]

Towards drift or greater cooperation - which way are transatlantic relations heading over the next ten years? This is the central theme explored by the book's editors and authors who are experts on various aspects of transatlantic relations, including international politics, security studies, economics, and socio-cultural studies, and are affiliated with research institutions in Europe and the United States.

In the first part of the volume, the editors analyze the extent to which the 1995 New Transatlantic Agenda and Joint EU-US Action Plan are helpful for improving the relationship despite its internal contradictions and institutional deficits. In the second part, more than twenty top experts from both sides of the Atlantic give their individual assessment of the future course of EU-US relations. In the third part, the editors identify the main trends within the relationship, discussing its shaping factors and the actors involved, analyzing possible scenarios in medium term, and examining strategies to cope with scenario outcomes.

In terms of content and methodology, this volume should be of great interest to both the academic and the practitioner of transatlantic relations.


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