Peter Cross, Guenola Rasamoelina (eds.)

Conflict Prevention Policy of the European Union

Recent Engagements, Future Instruments. SWP-Conflict Prevention Network (SWP-CPN). Yearbook 1998/99

Baden-Baden Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, December 1998, 229 Pages ISBN 3-7890-6126-3 [AMP, Bd. 60]

By providing a platform for the presentation of new ideas and concepts, as well as analysis of current and past activities, this yearbook intends to contribute to a better understanding of objectives, instruments and long-term stategies of conflict prevention.


Since the European Parliament and the European Commission launched the "Conflict Prevention Network" in 1997, many experts, policy makers, field actors and academics, have contributed to the development of a European policy of conflict prevention. Such a policy is aimed at improving proactive European Union Foreign Policy in case of violent conflicts.


The CPN yearbooks illustrate the outcome of a forum open to the discussions among the conflict prevention experts. This second volume includes contributions from Member of European Parliament Tom Spencer and Commissioner João de Deus Pinheiro, along with thirteen articles from specialists within the conflict prevention community analysing recent engagements and future instruments of the European Union’s policy of conflict prevention.

SWP Comment

Yoram Peri
The Widening Military–political Gap in Israel

Former Chiefs of Staff Fight for Principles of Statism

Sinem Adar
Repatriation to Turkey’s “Safe Zone” in Northeast Syria

Ankara’s Goals and European Concerns

SWP Research Paper

Bettina Rudloff
A Stable Countryside for a Stable Country?

The Effects of a DCFTA with the EU on Tunisian Agriculture

Claudia Zilla
Evangelicals and Politics in Brazil

The Relevance of Religious Change in Latin America