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Güney Yildiz

GCC/Qatar Reconciliation: Good or Bad News for Turkey?

The 5 January agreement between Doha and Riyadh and its allies ends the blockade on Qatar. Given that Qatar is Turkey’s only influential Arab ally in the region, the deal has implications for Ankara. Güney Yildiz examines the prospects.

Point of View, 18.01.2021
Dumitru Minzarari

Russia’s Stake in the Nagorno-Karabakh War: Accident or Design?

Russia opted not to discourage the escalation of Nagorno-Karabakh smoldering conflict into a full-fledged war. There are strong signs that this was a choice of strategy. As Dumitru Minzarari explains, Moscow was seeking a major improvement in its regional standing.

Point of View, 12.11.2020
Annette Weber

Fading Hopes: Ethiopia on the Brink?

Ethiopia is facing its greatest challenge since the Abiy Ahmed transition. Abiy must end the conflict with the TPLF and stop the pogroms or the country risks implosion. As Annette Weber argues, that would have grave consequences for the entire Horn of Africa.

Point of View, 12.11.2020
Güney Yildiz

Disaster Diplomacy Will Not Reconcile Turkey and Greece

Expectations of a thaw between Turkey and Greece in the aftermath of the recent earthquake are misplaced. As Güney Yildiz explains, past disaster diplomacy was contingent on pre-existing rapprochement trends. Today the relationship is in a downward spiral.

Point of View, 06.11.2020
Güney Yildiz

Turkish-French Culture War over Islamist Radicalism and Islamophobia May Unite Europe against Turkey

Conflict between Paris and Ankara over apparently symbolic issues could cost Turkey much more dearly than its geopolitical feuds with its Western partners, argues Güney Yildiz.

Point of View, 06.11.2020
Sinem Adar

The Row over Islam between Ankara and Paris: What Lies Beneath?

The spat between Erdoğan and Macron over Islam is driven by broader issues. Ankara is pushing back against French efforts to curb its influence over the Turkish diaspora and seeking leadership in the Sunni world. Sinem Adar argues that Europe’s leaders should act prudently.

Point of View, 04.11.2020
Susan Bergner

Launch of Germany’s new global health strategy

Germany’s new global health strategy provides a solid foundation for political action, yet it lacks a forward-looking approach. There is still time to develop a policy with foresight, says Susan Bergner.

Point of View, 02.11.2020
Gil Murciano

The Abraham Accords: An invitation to rethink the Arab-Israeli conflict

The Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may have started as a PR stunt, but regional and global circumstances have turned them into a potential game changer. Europe should assist in leveraging them to reengage with the Palestinian issue, writes Gil Murciano.

Point of View, 08.10.2020
Sabine Fischer, Astrid Sahm

Belarus: Is There a Way Out of the Crisis?

The protests over the outcome of the presidential election in Belarus continue unabated. Initiatives to resolve the political crisis through dialogue have come to naught. Sabine Fischer and Astrid Sahm outline possible steps out of the crisis.

Point of View, 17.09.2020
Volker Perthes

What Trump will be leaving behind if he leaves

Should Joe Biden win the election, he will not turn the wheel of history back to the Obama era. Europe must help the United States to regain its lost reputation, says Volker Perthes.

Point of View, 15.09.2020
Displaying results 1 to 10 out of 114
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