European and Global Energy Governance

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With the global demand for energy and greenhouse gas emissions on the rise, heightened transformation pressure is being felt more broadly beyond just national energy systems. Governing energy transition(s) has become a prominent matter of international politics. Traditionally, security of supply had been paramount; socio-economic sustainability of the energy system(s) has gained ground since 2015. Energy policy in the European Union is gradually being placed in a coherent regulatory framework with the implementation of the Third Energy Package, the Energy Union (2015–2019), and with a substantial part of the announced Green Deal (2019). Yet, when it comes to shaping and steering global energy relationships, the institutional landscape remains characterized by great fragmentation. Challenges persist over ensuring security of supply and transforming the energy system, both in EU energy policy and in global energy governance.


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Thijs van de Graaf, Indra Overland, Daniel Scholten, Kirsten Westphal

The new oil? The geopolitics and international governance of hydrogen

in: Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 70, December 2020


Caroline Kuzemko, Michael Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Andreas Goldthau, Jessica Jewell, Indra Overland, Daniel Scholten, Thijs van de Graaf, Kirsten Westphal

Covid-19 and the Politics of Sustainable Energy Transitions

in: Energy Research and Social Science, July 2020 (online)


Kirsten Westphal

Energy Politics of the European Union

in: Kathleen J. Hancock and Juliann Emmons Allison (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics, Oxford: Oxford University Press, July 2020
Kirsten Westphal

Russia - EU Relations and the Energy Transition

in: Susanne Nies (Hg.): The European Energy Transition: Agenda for the Twenties, Deventer: Claeys and Casteels Law Publishers, 2020, p. 379-395
Daniel Scholten, Morgan Bazilian, Indra Overland, Kirsten Westphal

The geopolitics of renewables: New board, new game

in: Energy Policy, February 2020, 6 pages (online)


Kirsten Westphal, Morgan Bazilian, Michael Bradshaw, Johannes Gabriel, Andreas Goldthau

Four scenarios of the energy transition: Drivers, consequences, and implications for geopolitics

in: WIREs Climate Change, Wiley Periodicals, 2019, 7 pages
Kirsten Westphal, Roman Vakulchuk, Talgat Ilimbek Uulu, Morgan Bazilian, Indra Overland

The GeGaLo index: Geopolitical gains and losses after energy transition

in: Energy Strategy Reviews, Volume 26, November 2019, 16 pages
Dirk Buschle, Kirsten Westphal

A Challenge to Governance in the EU: Decarbonization and Energy Security

In: European Energy Journal, Volume 8 Issue 3/4, July 2019, pp. 53-64
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