Communications Department

The Communications Department assigend to the Research Director is responsible for the external presentation of SWP in line with its communications strategy. One focus is on the editorial and technical support of the SWP website and the newsletter, but also on the development and design of other communication tools. Among other things, the online series "Point of View" and "Dossiers" lie in the editorial responsibility of the communications team. It is also responsible for the management of SWP's corporate design and the creation of infographics. The team also takes care of media relations and the intranet.

Jens Meyer, M.A.

Jens Meyer, M.A.
Deputy Head Communications Department


phone:+49 30 88007-114

Arthur Buliz

Arthur Buliz
Visual Communications Designer


phone:+49 30 88007-117

Çetin Demirci, M.A.

Çetin Demirci, M.A.
External Communications and Online Editor


phone:+49 30 88007-250

Daniel Kettner

Daniel Kettner
Visual Communications Designer


phone:+49 30 88007-266

Claudio Fuchs, B.A.

Claudio Fuchs, B.A.


phone:+49 30 88007-249

Platzhalter für fehlendes Portraitfoto

Anna Rutz, B.A.
Student Assistant


SWP Comments

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SWP Research Papers

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